Google Adwords

As the most famous and most efficient way of advertising to the internet, now considered the network advertising campaigns Google Adwords.

From the start of the advertising campaign on the Google Adwords, your website will appear with a link as a link advertiser on the right column of page of the main Google search results related to the subject of your business, as well as to important websites according to Google's criteria can be increase your website traffic.

In order to reach people who are searching online for information about products and services that are directly related to your business requires careful study and organization of advertising Google AdWords campaign , its duration and the total cost in advance by the person concerned.

Our company undertakes the creation and management of your online campaign in Google Adwords , and your ad on efficient advertising channels to third websites Text Links and Banners following these steps:

  • Create an account to Google AdWords , for the website.
  • Carefully collect the words - keys, which are directly related to the website.
  • Competition assessment and analysis of other ads.
  • Study of the most important key words or phrases that represent adequately the subject of the website and select the most appropriate Ad Groups.
  • Installing Google Analytics traffic analysis tool
  • Study of the evolution of the new classification of the advertising campaign , in search results , based on the preferred words or key phrases in connection with the least possible cost per visit.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of parameters of the advertising campaign to achieve the lowest possible cost for the desired effect.
  • Analysis of the final results with the help mainly of Google Analytics and Google AdWords services and other auxiliary tools.

Note that Google Adwords Pay Per Click is that an advertiser paid as a fee for each visit (click) you receive to your site through your ad.

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